Monday, June 18, 2007

This is the cover painting for a spanish language edition of Dogs and Water and Sisyphus and a few other short strips. It is one of several pieces of mine that are going to be hanging at two separate shows on opposite coasts. This piece is in 'Free Ice Cream Day' at Giant Robot NY, along with several other paintings, fragments of things, and three original pages from The End #1. I have two drawings in 'Panelists III' at GR2 in L.A. both landscapes of a sort. I also designed the card for the Ice Cream show (above) (Also, by the way, Jeff is in both these shows as well, I think).
On Saturday the 23rd, as part of MoCCA I'm also doing a slideshow/panel with (the fabulous) Gabrielle Bell. We're reprising the slide shows we put together for our West Coast book tour in February (those dates featured Kevin H as well...he couldn't make it to NY, which is too bad because his show about Starlings, adapted from his story in the D&Q showcase was awesome). The slide show I'm doing is comprised of a reading from Don't Go Where I Can't Follow and an adaptation of a strip I did as a limited edition print for a show at Cinder's in Brooklyn. It's more or less related to the material in The End #1--and will probably appear in adapted form later this year in The End #2.
Lastly, here is the most recent incarnation of the constantly evolving bugs bunny sculpture in my living room. The guitar, which is a piece of garbage that I was about to throw away and the concrete pedestal are new. Also of note: a full but weathered budweiser can that I found washed up on the beach in San Francisco in 1998, and the most nearly spherical rock I've ever seen (from a beach on Lake Superior in Northern Michigan).

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