Sunday, June 24, 2007

David Driesbach

This past spring, I had the happy fortune to take a printmaking class at College of DuPage with David Driesbach, who taught etching for several years at Northern Illinois before retiring recently. He signed up for the C.O.D. printmaking class as a student, just to keep printing--an inspiring gesture that reflects his devotion to the medium.

It was wonderful to see his prints, absorb his advice, and listen to him talk about his studies with master printmakers such Mauricio Lasansky and William Hayter. Prof. Driesbach's work is like a visual diary as sketched in a dream, dense with symbols but leavened with absurd humor. His use of color is extraordinary, and he helped bring Hayter's pioneering viscosity color technique to American print studios.

I hope Prof. Driesbach takes the class again, since there is much more to learn from him. You can see some of his work and read about his methods at

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