Monday, September 15, 2008

The Holy Reformation

To keep with our usual religious motif: we’ve got a few things to nail on a door. But in anything but protest. More of a warm grin and a pat on the back.

When we started The Holy Consumption in September of 2002, we were all self-publishing, running into one another solely through convention appearances. We had little means of distribution, and almost zero fluency in the world of online visuals. The site seemed to be a logical idea, born simply of a strength in numbers philosophy.

Over these past six years our lives have changed, personally and professionally, in myriad ways, mainly for the better. And we've realized (with a certain sigh of nostalgia) that those changes themselves necessitate subsequent changes. One of those subsequent changes will be The Holy Consumption site.

The site itself has been slowly replaced by others, noted below. But this is by no means the end of what The Holy Consumption is and was. We’ll still be popping up together at shows and talks, caught overeating at Hot Doug’s or Earwax here in Chicago, and perhaps hosting another drawing game show or two at Quimby’s. Who knows? There’s even talk of some print projects in the near future. So we’re shifting around, not disappearing.

To speak for myself briefly, it’s been an honor and privilege posting the work of three of my favorite cartoonists, three cartoonists I count myself fortunate to call friends. These past six years have been a pleasure, as each time I received a Sunday Service from Jeff, John, or Anders, it was always a little awe-inspiring. Their work never failed to amaze. And I don’t expect it ever will.

Please join us at our various locations below, some up and running for some time, some still in their infancies. We all thank you, the readers, viewers, purchasers, and clickers, from these past six years. You all helped to keep our weird little church going, and it’s meant the world to us.

Where we’ll be proselytizing next:



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